4 Pivotal Tips When Choosing The Right Channels to Promote Your Video

One of the defining moments for your brand is when your audience discovers your videos. But think about this… When’s the last time you really noticed a highway billboard with an unfamiliar brand? This is how your audience experiences social media and they won’t stop for just any piece of content. Each platform encourages a different style of engagement, so the key is to find the ones that suit your video marketing goals. It’s time to save yourself from obscurity by learning exactly where you need to promote your video. If you’ve already identified your outcomes, let’s go into a quick rundown of the modern internet experience.

Auto play Optimization

Video autoplay is a pivotal feature in today’s Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. There are two main ways a video will automatically play:

  1. It will play as a viewer scrolls past it in their media feed (usually without sound).
  2. It will play after a viewer is done watching a related video chosen by the platform’s algorithm.

If you want video on these platforms you need to prepare it for within-the-feed auto play. That means it has to make sense without sound. It should tell a simple visual story (and maybe at least include text captions) or your audience will scroll right past it. Alternately, if a viewer disables auto play you’ll need a pretty video thumbnail ready to attract their eye.

Downsizing Content

What do Snapchat and Instagram have in common? You guessed it, videos under a minute. Micro-video is a new norm. Even Twitter’s maximum clocks in at 2 minutes and 20 seconds.

For your content to live there, you’ve got to make it like a Halloween candy, fun-sized and quick to digest. Specifically, Snapchat and Instagram are largely Millennial-dominated, so short video plays nicely with their engagement behavior.

If your video is longer, no worries! You can edit down a teaser for your longer-form video hosted elsewhere (like Youtube). Speaking of teasers, let’s segue into…

Linking To Your Website

Engagement with your content is great, but you really want people going to your website. External links are a valuable tool for this. The trouble with modern social platforms is not all of them are built to be link-friendly. When you promote your video, use the platforms that make it easy.

YouTube makes it easy to see and follow links by embedding them into the video itself. Facebook allows you to include links in video descriptions. Other platforms like Snapchat and Instagram aren’t best for external links, so don’t expect phenomenal returns there.

Video Interaction

Most importantly, you should note how you’d like your audience to interact with you. If you’re aiming for building a community, YouTube is a great choice. With longer videos and video series, you’ll get your specific audience watching and commenting frequently for a deeper insight on them.

Just don’t expect to go viral: Youtube is way too noisy for you to get heard over billions of hours of video. While Facebook won’t build your community as easily, it’s a better bet for viral content since it’s geared towards sharing.

Still Need Tips On How To Promote Your Video?

We get it. Brands face a huge challenge when a platform’s stock can plummet due to a Kardashian tweet (see: Snapchat). Trends shift, and you need pros that know this space.

When Tortuga Marketing works with you, you’re getting an expert team that knows this generation’s social media inside and out. Set up a chat with us and you’ll instantly see how effortless your video marketing can be.

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